Prototypes & small series from injection moulding steel cavities

It’s that easy

You send us your data or tell us your wishes.

Our plastics and tool experts advise you comprehensively and ensure that you receive your components on the desired delivery date.

We deliver optimal prototypes and small series.


Our plastics engineers check your 3D designs or implement your ideas into qualified 3D designs. In addition, we secure the design with process simulations and , if necessary, submit suggestions for optimization.


Rapid Tooling requires the routine and fast Implementation of design in milled parts and tools – of course with technically and economically convincing concpets.


Prototypes and small series are produced by injection moulding from original material. We support our customers in the selection of materials and material procurement, so that they receive products of the highest product quality in a very short lead time.

Possible injection moulding materials

+ All commercially available thermoplastics

+ Thermoplastic elastomers

Possible cavity materials

We generally prefer steel moulds/cavities.

The higher costs of steel processing is quickly paid for thanks to the advantages of series identical production.

Steel inserts pay for themselves. Our choice for the mould material is also often steel in rapid tooling.
Aluminium inserts are mostly cheaper and easier to manufacture. The benefits in the project
through the injection moulded parts, in combination with the steel cavities, directly balance the higher costs of the steel processing.

Why with IMPETUS? Your advantages?

IMPETUS-services for injection-molded premium-components.

For prototypes and small series

– Design check by plastics experts with optimization suggestions

-Protection by process simulation

-Definition of suitable tool concepts

-Tool design and construction

-Tool spreadsheets

-Construction of master mould systems with associated inserts

-Production of original material components in IMPETUS master moulds

Additionally for the series

-Derivation of part changes based on component tests

-Selection of competent series suppliers

-Supervision of the production of tools

-Procurement of innovative tool technology