Fast premium prototypes and small series from original material

Premium prototypes and small series

For the production of high-quality small batches, the result-oriented testing of mechanical loads or limited installation dimension for prototypes, you need parts which are very close to the series. 

Impetus Plastics is specialized to deliver such parts fast and in serial materials in master moulds,
manufactured in the injection moulding process from original material.

Steel inserts pay for themselves

Our mould material choice for rapid tooling is often steel.

Aluminium inserts are mostly cheaper and easier to manufacture. High costs for steel processing directly balanced by the benefits in the project
through the injection moulded process in combination with the steel cavities.

Why steel moulds?

We use master moulds with steel cavities.

To assure that our customers get serially identical
parts in a premium quality.

Why master moulds?

We use IMPETUS master mould systems and the injection moulding process.


 To give our customers high quality injection moulded prototypes and small batches fast and cost-effectively.


The protection of our customer projects is very important to us.

Unfortunately we are often not allowed to show you our projects in detail. However we do show you branches where we have been active for many years and have realized components that we are proud of.

In the implementation of our projects we already think of the series from the beginning. According to our philosophy, we implement prototypes as close to the production as possible.

We are happy to advise you.

Smart home devices

It is often necessary to implement high dimensional requirements, excellent surfaces and the coordination of many individual components for smart home devices within a very short time. Our team excels at delivering high-quality components in the shortest possible time due to our outstanding overall package.


Do your components withstand the mechanical requirements? We calculate the component behavior in advance and work out optimization suggestions. With the already optimized, injection-molded prototypes from original material, you can quickly test your new products in field trials under real conditions.

Heating/ Sanitary/ Air condition

You need prototypes with larger dimensions? We will deliver them in minimum time. Larger prototypes made of steel cavities require considerably more investment than 3D components. In this case the prototype tools can often be used as series tools already with appropriate hardening.